Horse Haven

Happy horses live here!

Our Farm

Spanning roughly 17 acres, the property has been divided to include several pastures, both large and small, fit for many different needs and arrangements.  Along with these pastures, the property also features a 10 acre hay field, which is harvested during early to mid July, and then acts as a mock derby practice field.  For an all year, anytime ride, we also have a full sized arena on site that is covered and lit.

The Arena

One of the most appealing aspects of the farm is the riding arena that is centrally located on the property.  Measuring 60’ x 180’, this arena is fully equipt to be used year round. The entire space is completely covered, to block out any rain or weather during the winter, and excellent lighting allows for riders to continue practicing long after the sun sets.  Sand footing is also maintained throughout the year to provide an enjoyable experience for riders and their horses.

Training & Lessons

Horse’s or humans, Donna is an accomplished teacher.  Whether it’s your first ride, or you’re looking to add another skill to your repertoire, you are sure to be in good hands.  The same is true for our four-legged friends. If you need help training your horse for trailer transport, dressage practices or cross country jumping, we are prepared for all that and more.  We will work with schedules or special needs to create tailor made training sessions that work best for you.

Communities & Activities


One of the best aspects of Donna’s facilities is the caring, committed community of riders that flourishes here.  These are people who have been riding, competing and sharing their experiences for years, and welcome the opportunity to get to know newcomers.  Riders take part in a variety of events, ranging from community trail rides and fox hunts, to classical disciplines quadrille, show-jumping, eventing, classical dressage and many more.  There’s always someone around to help out, and support you through competitions and showings.